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Papers & Abstracts

Journal Papers

Conference Papers and Abstracts

2012 – Changing Isotopic Trends – ORM (IAH Congress Niagara Falls)

2012 – Southern Ontario Hydrogeology (IAH Congress Niagara Falls)

2013 – Flow System Dynamics (CGS-IAH Montreal)

2013 – GW Level Variations (CGS-IAH Montreal)

2015 Flow system dynamics using isotopes (IAH-CNC Waterloo)

2015 Hydrology of the Yonge Street Aquifer (IAH-CNC Waterloo)

2016 A Path Forward for SWP Numerical Models (CWRA Montreal)

2016 Multi-agency Co-Operation in Managing Ontario's Groundwater Resources (Blue Cities Toronto)

2016  Multi-Model Custodianship (ICEMS France)

2017 – Access to high quality groundwater data (GSC-OGS Open House Guelph)

2017  Application of Hydrogeological Conceptual Model (GAC-MAC Kingston)

2017  Hydrogeological analysis of the Yonge Street Aquifer (CGS-IAH Ottawa)

2018 – Groundwater Reporting and Management (RFG Vancouver)

2018  Stable isotopes to assess salinity impacts (GSA Indianapolis)

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