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Program Mandate


The mandate of the ORMGP partnership is to provide a multi-agency, collaborative approach to collecting, analyzing and disseminating water resource data as a basis for effective stewardship of water resources. We continue to update the regional geological and hydrogeological context for ongoing groundwater studies and management initiatives within the partnership area.

Figure 1: The framework for the program is succinctly summarized above, taken from the Council of Canadian Academies 2009 report: The Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Canada.

Data Sharing and Partnership Agreement

Since it's establishment in 2001, the ORMGP has continually collected and managed data for the City of Toronto, the regional Municipalities of York, Peel, and Durham, and nine local conservation authorities. In 2018 the program broadened it's reach by offering access to the Program's data and analysis tools to the consulting community.


 In order to respect privacy concerns with respect to the sensitive nature of some of the data/information held in the program, the ORMGP website has been divided into a "Public" side, accessible to everyone free of charge, and a "Partner" side accessible to technical staff from the ORMGP agencies. A comparative summary of the two can be found below. 

Interested parties are encouraged to review our partnership agreement. Please note that this agreement is for reference only and is subject to change from time to time. 
For additional information, or to schedule a demonstration of the program and website features,  please contact us using the contact form. 
Partner Agency


  • Access to limited data, maps, and interpretations within the ORMGP study area including:

  1. Climate stations

  2. Surface water monitoring stations

  3. Permits to take water (active and discontinued)

  4. Boreholes

  5. Water levels

  6. Geology

  7. Depth to water table

  • Access to all data, maps, and interpretations within the ORMGP study area as well as additional website functionality including: 

  1. Ability to Save and Open projects

  2. Ability to customize maps using the Layer Catalog and import external shapefiles

  3. Ability to print maps using custom print templates (with logo)

  4. Ability to download data

  5. Access to supplementary borehole and geophysical borehole logs

  6. Access to geo-located documents

  7. Access to water budget estimates (recharge, runnoff, evapotranspiration, precipitation etc)

  8. Access to land use and planning layers

Document Library
  • Not available

  • Access to consultant reports, government and research related studies, historical maps and more

Technical Support

Staff Support
  • Trouble-shooting and general inquires  

  • Access to general site navigation tutorials (videos and pdf manuals)

  • One-on-one technical support 

  • In-person or virtual training sessions with our team of experts (individual or groups)

  • Feature requests (when applicable)

  • Data requests 

Data Analysis and Interactive Tools

Cross Sections
  • Not available

  • Create dynamic on-the-fly regional and / or local cross sections of  geological surfaces anywhere within the ORMGP study area

  • Plot a "virtual borehole" in your project area to obtain an interpretation of the expected geology

Interpretations and Analytical Tools
  • Access to interactive water level hydrographs

  • Access to geological interpretations (including layers, bedrock valleys, tunnel channels etc)

  • Access to Water Table and Depth to Water Table

  • Access to a wide range of historical and current data available for download including:​

  1. Comprehensive Surface Water Analyses (trends and statistics)

  2. Comprehensive Climate Analyses (trends and statistucs)

  3. Comprehensive Groundwater level hydrograph analyses

  4. Piper plot graphing (single and multiple site comparisons)

  5. Water Budget estimations

  6. Project area land use and surficial soil characterizations

  7. Direct link to MECP WWIS Water Well record form and ORMGP-generated, interactive borehole logs

  8. Water Quality data analysis

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