Hydrogeologic Analysis

Hydrogeology involves the study of the movement of water beneath the ground surface.  Hydrogeological analysis involves an interpretation of many types of data relating to the various components of the hydrologic cycle.  When precipitation (rain and snow) falls to the ground, the water does not stop moving.  Some of it flows along the surface to streams or lakes (runoff), some of it is used by plants and returned to the atmosphere (transpiration), some evaporates from surface water bodies and also returns to the atmosphere, and some sinks into the ground (infiltration).  Some of this infiltration will percolate to the water table forming groundwater recharge.  Groundwater will then flow relatively slowly through the subsurface controlled by many factors including those related to the properties of the soil and rock (geology), until it ultimately discharges to the ground surface, typically at surface water bodies.

Image detailing the hydrologic cycle